Distinctive, innovative, playful - MizDragonfly reinvents the meaning of fashion jewelry and home décor luxury. Our limited edition Jewelry Collections emerge from the resurrection of opulent vintage treasures revitalized into new objects of desire. Our vision is portrayed in each of our jewelry creations telling a story of revival magically conveyed by the beauty of humans aspiring to bring themselves to life. Our luxurious Home Décor Collections present MizDragonfly's unique interpretation of city life, architecture, landscape and light highlighted in contrasting colours amusingly transposed in home décor collectibles.


Jewelry collections take life from the discoveries made spending countless hours perusing the universe to find unique vintage jewelry pieces, beads, chains, coins, etc. - giving each creation its distinctive touch. Our favorite vintage treasures include; intricately ornated high quality like-new vintage jewelry bits & pieces in need of tender loving care, geometric beads in limited runs, sparkling Swarovski crystals, rosary chains, plus anything cool and unusual… like domino pieces or shower curtain hooks.


From polishing, to crystal refurbishing, to re-varnishing, and reassembling - we revive unwanted jewelry pieces back to life. With Canadians generating approximately 31 million tonnes of garbage a year - MizDragonfly aims at recycling vintage jewelry pieces as much as possible - in turn reinventing sense in fashion luxury that keep the true costs of fashion top of mind. Jewelry creations are crafted with love and hand assembled by our devoted design team in our studio located in Toronto, Canada. Anything touching your skin, such as; rings, earring posts and hoops, bracelets and necklaces bases are sourced new. Base materials are chosen for their durability and affordability such as 24k gold-plated brass, ebony wood, and Lucite beads - for their hypoallergenic and tarnish-free properties giving our jewelry a long-lasting look and feel.

Jewerly Collections

MizDragonfly's jewelry collections propose unique effervescent eye-catching concoctions. We specialize in statement necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets. Chunky bib pearl necklaces with crystal rose accents, long metallic body chains, lustrous gold cuffs featuring vintage birds, flowers and even belt buckles speak of our brand's uniqueness. Oversized hoops garnished with vintage geometric beads, everyday hoops adorned with Swarovski crystals, and dainty studs featuring rare cabochons and cameos bring a touch of class at work or at play. Our decadent collection of one of kind cocktail rings starring a plethora of vintage salvaged collectibles as sweet as pieces of candy say I'm ready to party! Little luxuries conveying unique stories made to bring yourself to life.

Home Décor Collections

MizDragonfly's luxurious Home Décor collections brings photography capturing every day life around the world transposed into bold home décor. Subway station advertising, neon signs, urban graffiti walls, captivating architectural details of high-rises and building are brought to life in vibrant luxurious velvet cushions, shower curtains, carpets, trinket trays and wallpaper. Striking designs in bright colours made to create a sense of self in the spirit of wellbeing at home.

Founder & Creative Director

Welcome! I’m Karine, Founder & Creative Director, of MizDragonfly's luxurious distinctive limited edition jewelry and home décor. I’m a vibrant woman with a captivating personality and contagious enthusiasm. After graduating university, equipped with a double Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and Sociology, I worked several years in advertising agencies as a Client Account Manager and Media Buyer. I had the chance to work on some of the most prestigious accounts in Canada's National Capital which played a tremendous role on infusing creativity in every sphere of my life.

Following that inspirational experience, I worked for the federal government advising the National Minister of Revenue on how to communicate with Canadians on tax filing by day, while recycling myself into a jewelry designer by night. For countless hours, I burned the midnight oil playing around with various materials and developing my own techniques. Starting as small as learning how to do a perfect wire loop, to figuring out drilling, onto learning more advanced skills like the secret ingredients for making custom of a kind jewelry.

Today, after 10+ years immersing my soul into jewelry, my relentless drive to create never-seen-before jewerly, accessories and home décor made from new and vintage materials continues to takes life in quintessential uniqueness to bring both women and men to life.

I invite you to discover our limited edition collections. I'm personally fond of our dazzling Swarovski crystal hoop earrings collection sure to make your glowing personality shine day and night. And our one of a kind rings collection featuring revitalized vintage trinkets adding just the perfect finishing touch to any outfits sure to make your eyes sparkle! I also have a sweet spot for our bubbly statement choker necklaces collection making for perfect go-to pieces to make an outfit pop! And, new this year, our luxurious velvet cushions collection, featuring photography from my travels around the world, takes center stage as a special gift from my soul carefully handmade to strike a stylish playful note in your home.

Enjoy! xo

Behind The Scenes

MizDragonfly prides itself in keeping things fresh and exciting by constantly investing time working behind the scenes. From styling, to helping with lighting, to taking candid backstage pictures - our goal is to make everyone on our team shine!

Revival Stories

Since it's inception in 2006, MizDragonfly participated in various shows around the world such as Pool Trade Show in Las Vegas, Fame in NYC and Inland in our home land of Toronto. We've been published in major press such as Vogue Italia, ELLE, Dress to Kill, DUENDE, Imirage to name a few. We've also had the opportunity to have our jewels worn by celebrities like Allie Gonino (The Lying Game), Queen Sessi (Rap Artist), Winnie Harlow (Canadian Fashion Model), Sarah Gadon, (A Dangerous Method), and recently Alexa Ray's Fearless Album Cover (Lyricist and songwriter from Toronto, featured right). Interested in our following our adventures? Bookmark our Revival Stories page. We promise it will be a fun ride!