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MizDragonfly is a line of limited-edition jewelry at the intersection of old Hollywood glam and quirky street style. MizDragonfly’s standout accessories don’t just complement an outfit— they make it.

The line’s vintage-look Wonder Woman cuffs and funky knuckle rings are red carpet favourites of celebrities such as Lauren Lee smith, Natalie Brown, Cory Lee and Gabrielle Miller. Sold in retailers worldwide and regularly featured in magazines such as FLARE, Dress to Kill, Tatalum, GlassBook, Factice, 1968 and Superior, MizDragonfly's designs are gaining momentum faster than a speeding bullet. “Our goal is to create unique pieces for women to express their confidence and individuality” says CEO Suzanne Grundy.

We’ve always been fascinated by the way people put themselves together. We're especially mesmerized when we see someone wearing MizDragonfly as a form of self expression.

Fun. Fierce. Fabulous. MizDragonfly's jewelry is as unique as you are!