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We've Hired!

September 08, 2016

We've Hired!

Meet the newest members of the MizDragonfly team...

We're profiling our newest team members so that you can get a better sense of who we are and how we run this mother ****** (Beyoncè quip, done ✓).

Caroline Abergel

What are you working on at MizDragonfly? I'm currently working as an E-Commerce intern at MizDragonfly and absolutely loving it! We’ve recently launched a new online point of sale at TicTail and I can’t express how exciting that was to be apart of. I've also had the pleasure to launch the brand on Hubba - a platform connecting brands and buyers. I'm now handling Pinterest buyable pins, promoting editorials on Facebook and optimizing MizDragonfly's Amazon point of sale.

What are your favourite collections? MizDragonfly’s stand out pieces rock my world! I’m obsessed with the Coachella Bracelets and the Wonder Woman Bracelets. The “Volcano” Coachella Cuff Bracelet and the “I Love You” Wonder Woman Cuff are my ultimate favourites within each collection.

Are you currently studying? I am a Fashion Business Management alumni – earning an Advanced Diploma in Fashion Business Management at Seneca College. Fashion and business are my ultimate driving forces.

Finally, what is a fun fact about yourself? I’ve never lost a dance off!

Meredith Hynes

What do you love most about MizDragonfly? The brand's individuality and uniqueness. 

What is your role? I overlook and manage MizDragonfly's Twitter account and assist with E-Commerce day-to-day business operations. I'm particularly proud of having the chance to work on one of MizDragonfly's sister shop, Precious Adornments where I provide strategic advice on brand identity and business organization. This summer, I also had the pleasure to develop a Twitter strategy which I can't wait to take on this fall. Stay tuned! 

Are you currently studying? I'm studying a Bachelor of Commerce - Fashion Management program at Humber College (graduating in 2019).  

Can you please tell us a fun fact about yourself? I loooove to go thrift shopping!!!

Sarah Seymour

 And finally, myself. Hello!

Here at MizDragonfly, I am also an E-Commerce intern, focusing on brand and business development, production, fashion photography, and you guessed it, blogging. I'm currently working on optimizing our Shop.ca point of sale and preparing a proposal for The Shopping Channel.

Previously I studied a Bsc. Environmental Health and worked as an Environmental Health Officer. After moving from Australia to Canada I wanted a change of scenery (other than my literal change of scenery) and I stumbled upon MizDragonfly, who captured me with her unique and bold pieces.

My favourite by the way - is the Santa Maria Ring.

Finally the fun fact, mine is probably a little more strange than fun... Anyways, I am always singing, making beats or mimicking sounds in my head. So if I appear to not be listening, you know why.


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