Collaboration with The Good Tile: Bonjour Fabulousness!

MizDragonfly Sienna Earrings Shay The Good Tile

When Shay, Owner of The Good Tile, contacted MizDragonfly to ask if we'd be interested in collaborating on her upcoming photoshoot promoting her wallpaper line - It was an immediate yes! Shay is always so fun to be around and we absolutely love her home decor line! From custom glass tiles, to funky yoga mats, to wallpaper that pops - The Good Tile's got what it takes to make your space look amazing! Add a hot dress, sexy heels and dazzling MizDragonfly jewelry to the mix - and bonjour fabulousness! 

Shay and Karine met at the MizDragonfly studio on a warm sunny afternoon where they enjoyed yummy food treats, funny stories, and of course, picking out decadent jewelry! Shay especially loved our Sienna earrings (as seen above), Alveole Hoops (coming soon online) and our Zodiac and Circlet rings (as seen below). 

MizDragonfly Shay The Good Tile Pin up Disk RingModel: Shay Nammari | @thegoodtile

MizDragonfly Shay The Good Tile Close Up

Photography: Shawn Hudson @everydayhudson_photography

Make-up: Amina Ali | @makeupamina