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The Wonders of making a MizDragonfly Wonder Woman cuff

August 19, 2015

The Wonders of making a MizDragonfly Wonder Woman cuff

We all love them. We all wear them. Each and every cuff tells a different story that speaks to you. And today we're going to share the wonders behind the making of our famous Wonder Woman cuffs

We started making Wonder Wonder cuffs a couple of years ago. Karine, our lead designer, was gearing up for PoolTradeShow in Las Vegas, and was dabbling into making fresh edgy jewels to stand-out at the event. First, she made cuffs with vintage Mickey Mouse and Garfield cartoons, when suddenly, lightening struck. How cool would these gold cuff look as Wonder Woman cuffs?

Karine started looking into old comic books lining up ideas and images that would become the essence of the MizDragonfly brand. She carefully picked series of vintage comic book cartoon strips and paired them to gold cuffs bringing the memorabilia's back to life! With trial and error, she perfected her varnishing techniques to offer durable products worth collecting. As you can see in the pictures below, each cuff features an awesome Wonder Woman vintage comic book strip hand-assembled on a tarnish-free 24K gold plated cuff.

MizDragonfly now features over 40 designs for you to choose from. What's the most amazing part of making these cuffs? The love stories behind them. People from all over the world buy our cuffs to get positive energy to start a new job, to give strength to sick friends and relatives, and even to pack a stylish punch at a wedding.

After all, there's a Wonder Woman in all of us! ;D


Photo credit: @MizDragonfly


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